Parent testimonies

Orchard Barns has always provided a carefully planned environment for both having fun and learning.

‘Orchard Barns have provided my sons with a safe, stimulating and spacious
environment in which to develop and grow for the past three years.
The structured approach to each day means the children feel safe and relaxed
and can look forward to regular activities, (Forest Fun still the firm
favourite), but are also given space and opportunity to learn to be
independent too. During their time at Orchard Barns, both my sons made
genuine bonds with several of their key people and, as a working mum, it is
the most important thing to know your children feel happy and trust those
around them.’
Sally Davis

From the first day I visited the nursery I was impressed by the welcoming, happy atmosphere that I found.

‘Both the staff and the children were keen to take part in my ballet lessons! The interactions between the staff and the children are warm and it is clear that the key practitioners know their children well… The nursery itself is kept beautifully clean and is set out in a stimulating and interesting way offering challenging but achievable opportunities and experiences for the children.’
Debbie Millar (Peripatetic dance teacher)

Orchard Barns is a truly fantastic nursery!

‘Orchard Barns is a truly fantastic nursery! I can’t praise staff enough. Leaving a child, or in my case,  very young three month old babies, with anyone can be extremely daunting and worrying. But staff here are wonderful, and so reassuring. Nothing is too much trouble, nothing a burden, and everyone really goes the extra mile to make sure that both children and parents feel comfortable and reassured. My children thrive on, love and enjoy going to nursery. And happy children equal a very happy mummy!’
Harriet Cookson

Staff testimonies

Why do you work in Early Years?

Sharon Godwin – Keyperson to a group of three year olds
‘Working with young children gives a new meaning to your perspective on life. The simplicity of a child’s actions and the complexity of their thoughts is a combination to be admired. As a member of the team at Orchard Barns staff are encouraged to bring forward, develop and improve on the setting to enable children to have fun and learn in a happy and stimulating environment.’

Jamie Cordwell – Manager and keyperson to a group of children aged 14 months – 2 years
‘It has been a pleasure to work within the Orchard Barns Group; every day is different and seeing the children’s enjoyment and pleasure at being at nursery gives me a high level of job satisfaction. It is an honour to be able to plan activities to further the children’s learning and development, and seeing them grow into strong individuals with different characters and personalities makes my job worthwhile.’

Abi Banyard – Keyperson to a group of two year olds
‘I Joined the Orchard Barns team in July 2013 as a key practitioner and I have since been given the opportunity to futher develop my skills and qualifications. I have completed my level 3 and an NVQ in team leadership along with other in house and external training courses, all of which have supported me as I have progressed through my role in the setting. I enjoy working with young children, supporting them through all areas of their development and watching them grow, also sharing knowledge and offering advise to parent and families, helping them to continue supporting their child at home’