Parent testimonies

I wish I started my daughter sooner as I have such a peace of mind that she is receiving the best care and is enjoying her time in nursery

Rachel Owen – January 2019

Rainbows allowed my son to grow in confidence and develop skills that
made his transition into school such a positive experience.

My daughter is now in Stars & has been a part of Orchard Barns since she began nursery at 11months.
She thoroughly enjoys her time at nursery and all the “special
ladies”, often role playing all the fun and songs with her toys at
Their encouragement and support have allowed her personality to shine
and her skills to develop across the board.

I would highly recommend Orchard Barns

Katie Horne – November 2018

Choosing a childcare provider can be one of the hardest decisions you make for your children, which is why we are so thankful for the professionalism and caring nature of all the staff at Orchard Barns.

Over the last 8 years we have always felt at ease leaving our two sons,
knowing that they are having so much fun each day and are being shown
the same level of care we would provide ourselves, we honestly could not
recommend you highly enough, they have both flourished in your care and
would not be the amazing little boys they are today without all of your

Aimee Gillanders – November 2018

Our two children have both flourished at the nursery.

The children are continuously taking part in new, fun and inventive
activities both indoor and through encouraging outdoor play.
As well as the brilliant facilities and activities, the main selling
point are the staff that work at Orchard Barns. All of the staff at the
nursery really spend time to get to know the children and their
personalities which is evident when speaking to the staff about the
children and when receiving handover at the end of the day. Both
children have bonded well with all of the staff and especially their key
The communication from the nursery is excellent both in person and
electronically, and keeps parents up to date with the children’s daily
As a parent, Orchard Barns is such a positive and secure environment
for the children to grow, but the real testimony is from the children.
Both are so happy going to nursery, really seem to enjoy their
experiences and it is evident through the obvious bonds they have
developed with the staff.’

Tori Smith – November 2018

Orchard Barns is a fantastic nursery. We believe it to be outstanding in every area.

All three of our children have attended, with our youngest still there. They have provided consistent and professional care for our children during the last six years and without doubt have helped shaped our children into positive inquisitive individuals. Every member of staff is caring, showing warmth and compassion, even if it’s just to say hello in the mornings. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of nursery and always highly recommend them to all our friends and family.

Zoe Burnett – October 2018

The staff have, without exception, been brilliant, and we look forward to hearing exactly what the children  have been up to that day.

We’ve had the fortune of being associated with Orchard Barns for over
ten years and we are so glad we found it.  Our three children started
at the Ardleigh site and then moved to the Stratford St Mary site when
they were two.  As parents we could not have asked for more from our
childcare providers. Orchard Barns has taken amazing care of them, and
given them some fantastic learning experiences in a safe, secure and
fun environment.

The only disappointing thing is that next September we won’t have any
children left to send to Orchard Barns and we will miss everyone a

Jamie Perkins – October 2018

From the first day I visited the nursery I was impressed by the welcoming, happy atmosphere that I found.

‘Both the staff and the children were keen to take part in my ballet lessons! The interactions between the staff and the children are warm and it is clear that the key practitioners know their children well… The nursery itself is kept beautifully clean and is set out in a stimulating and interesting way offering challenging but achievable opportunities and experiences for the children.’
Debbie Millar (Peripatetic dance teacher)

Staff testimonies

Why do you work in Early Years?

Abi Banyard – Keyperson to a group of two year olds
‘I Joined the Orchard Barns team in July 2013 as a key practitioner and I have since been given the opportunity to futher develop my skills and qualifications. I have completed my level 3 and an NVQ in team leadership along with other in house and external training courses, all of which have supported me as I have progressed through my role in the setting. I enjoy working with young children, supporting them through all areas of their development and watching them grow, also sharing knowledge and offering advise to parent and families, helping them to continue supporting their child at home’