Be Healthy

At Orchard Barns children are offered superb opportunities to develop healthily both emotionally and physically within a clean, mentally stimulating environment that provides access to outdoor areas and provides a strong key person approach ensuring children develop within secure, caring relationships. Strong partnership with parents ensures continuity of care which benefits the children and adds a sense of stability and security to their life at nursery. Continuing praise and encouragement by dedicated staff promotes the development of confidence and self-esteem which will enable the children to develop positive attitudes to future experiences.

Children actively participate in developing their knowledge of keeping healthy as they prepare their own nutritious snacks – fresh fruit or crackers and humus, for example and have access to drinking water at all times – staff encouraging independence through supporting the children in serving themselves. Orchard Barns is proud to have won awards for Healthy Eating. Well-balanced, freshly cooked meals using wholesome ingredients are prepared in the nursery kitchen and all dietary requirements are catered for.

Children are encouraged to become independent in their own personal hygiene and develop a good understanding of the need for hand-washing and nose-blowing. Opportunities for rest or sleep are offered throughout the day and staff work closely with parents to ensure that individual children sleep when necessary. Staff will offer comforters at the parent’s request. Individual cots and beds are provided with clean bedding for each child. Bedding bags provide storage space for the bedding and clothing. Older children are offered quiet relaxation time during the day to recharge their batteries!!

All children are given opportunities throughout the day for outdoor play in all weathers. Orchard Barns has  secure outdoor areas each offering different experiences for the children to participate in. Staff consolidate children’s knowledge of healthy eating by supporting the children in growing their own vegetables.

Should a child be taken ill whilst at Nursery, parents will be contacted by phone immediately and staff will work closely with the parents to ensure the care and comfort of the child. Fully-trained first aiders ensure that all children will receive the optimum care. Strict procedures are in place should children need administration of medication whilst at nursery and parents are kept fully-informed of any accidents that occur.

Meal times

Since we opened we have been committed to offering children healthy, wholesome home-cooked meals. Fresh fruit and vegetables are on offer every day. Our wonderful cooks are experienced in making meals which are balanced, nutritious and very yummy! We cater for special diets and have huge success in feeding “fussy eaters”. Our healthy eating policy has developed over the years and children learn the importance of a healthy body from a very young age. The children plant, nurture and eat their own food. Produce is sourced from local suppliers where possible. Menus are available for parents and feedback is given daily