Enjoy and achieve

Children’s enjoyment and pleasure  being at Orchard Barns is at the heart of our aims and objectives. Children are provided with opportunities for both child initiated and focused learning where experiences are rich and purposeful without being over directed by adults. Resources are carefully selected to meet all the needs of all the children with staff adapting activities as necessary. The effective use and deployment of resources provides an exciting and enabling environment. Children are able to select their own toys from low-level storage units which develop independence and provide opportunity for self-directed learning. Babies and toddlers are offered a wide range of natural materials to encourage holistic development through exploration.

Throughout the day, children are offered opportunities to express themselves creatively whether through artwork, dance and song or messy play. The extensive range of first hand experiences enables children to develop skills for the future. Children are confident in their ability to guide and plan their own learning and the majority are able to write their names and read simple books when they leave to start school.

Orchard Barns provides an environment that is challenging but safe, exciting and stimulating, enabling and inclusive that meets all the requirements of the EYFS. Children develop self confidence and self-esteem, and they are cared for by highly-professional and caring staff. Children that attend Orchard Barns are offered the best start to their educational life.