Play & Learning

Children’s enjoyment and pleasure at being in the nursery setting is at the heart of our aims and objectives. Our Staff team work hard to provide an ethos where children are valued and praised for the smallest achievements. Children work and play in small groups with their Keyperson for part of the day and this is a time when the key practitioners really get to know what makes their children tick and provides a valuable insight into individual children’s learning styles so that planning for development reflects these insights. Children show pleasure through body language, facial expression and verbal interactions during the activities, experiences and play opportunities they are offered both indoors and out. Their development is planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance and Development Matters.

Staff provide opportunities for child-initiated play and focused learning, where experiences are rich and purposeful without being over directed by adults. Practitioners are confident and reflective and are able to select the best approach for the developmental stage for the children in their key groups, which results in high esteem and high levels of achievement which is enjoyed by children and staff alike.